Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Morris County's Best Indian Culinary Experience

Cinnamon Indian RestaurantCINNAMON INDIAN RESTAURANT : PARSIPPANY, NEW JERSEY - Cinnamon challenges the notion that Indian cuisine can only be created using age old recipes and ideas. Cinnamon's team creates powerfully spiced, distinctively flavored, seductive entrees that have evolved and adapted to society's ever changing tastes and style. The result is beyond authenticity.

Indian Clay Oven or TandoorThe alluring aromas beckon Morris County, New Jersey diners to this chic attractive Indian eatery. Cinnamon Indian Restaurant's delightful fare includes everything from Traditional Samosa's to a wonderful culinary adventure of their version of Chicken Shahi Korma (Chicken with melt-in-your-mouth tenderness from the clay oven covered in a silky creamy sauce flavored with cardamom then tossed with dried fruits and nuts).

Among vegetarian starters, try the Aloo Bharvan, Pickled Mushrooms, or traditional Samosa. Non-vegetarian dishes include Tandoori Shrimp, Fish Tikka, Achari Kabob, or Lamb Seek straight from the clay oven.

Tandoori SalmonThe entree lineup includes Tandorri Salmon (cooked to perfection in an traditional indian clay oven), Malai Kabob, Grilled Vegetables, Chicken Tikka Masala, Gulnar Jalpari, Methi Machli (a speciality of the chef's), Achari Goat, Palak Bhutta (a unique delectable blend of fresh spinach and sweet corn cooked with ginger and fenugreek leaves), Dal Pachrangi, and Chicken Shahi Korma.

Need to wet your whistle? Begin with ginger lemon tea to cleanse your palette. Order a Mango Lassi with any meal and you won't go wrong.

For dessert, try the Rasmali, a sweet spongy cottage cheese dumpling flavored with cardamom in a sweet sauce.

An overall exquisite experience that combines color, texture, aroma, and flavor that will excite your senses to create a truly sensual culinary meal.

Cinnamon Indian Restaurant
2920 Route 10 West, Powder Mill Plaza
Morris Plains, New Jersey 07950
Parsippany, NJ

For directions visit www.cinnamonindianrestaurant.com >>

For Reservations call (973) 734-0040 or (973) 734-0039

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John said...

I'm so glad someone else caught on to this place! I've eaten a lot of Indian food over the years, and this ranks among the best. I'm guessing that I was trying 4 traditional dishes: dal makhani, saag wala, murgh korma, and grilled vegetables. The flavors were distinctly Indian in origin, but they hinted at another influence I can't quite pin down (Middle Eastern, perhaps?). The saag (spinach) included kernels of corn, which I had never seen before. It added a new texture to an otherwise pasty dish. The cinammon in the spinach was immediately apparent and very welcome. The dal (lentils) was loaded with cilantro and cumin. These flavors stopped me in my tracks. The murgh (chicken), I believe it was korma, was smooth, creamy, and tender. The sauce oozed a nutty sweetness that was unmistakably Indian. Finally, I have to discuss the grilled vegetables. Usually, I avoid the grilled vegetables because they tend to be dry and bland. They are not very different from grilled vegetables in any chain restaurant in America. The grilled vegetables from Cinammon were the exact opposite. Yes, they had some of the familiar grilled vegetable characteristics, but they were covered in a thick, creamy, nearly "cheesy" sauce that really opened up the flavor of the vegetables.